Coming Out of the Funk

Sometimes life hits you like a bulldozer. You’re coasting along and everything seems fine, even good, and then BAM! The World decides that that’s not okay and throws you another curveball.

I am vaguely fascinated by how different people cope with life’s curveballs. Some cry for a day, get up and move on, others refuse to cry and remain stoic in the face of adversity. Some seem to get straight back on with their lives, masking their emotions behind busy work and leisure schedules. Others pig out on pizza and chocolate while watching sad movies and some, like me, slip into a depressive ‘funk’ which can last between two days and two weeks. Of course the depression doesn’t necessarily go away in such a short space of time but at least the ‘funk’ goes…

‘The Funk’ is a terrible place. A deep, dark hole which sucks its victims in and refuses to let go. First there is a lot of crying, possibly difficulty breathing, many, many tissues, some headaches and then a lot of sleep (if you’re lucky). See the thing I’ve always thought about sleep in these dark times is at least if you are asleep you are not thinking those horrible thoughts of hopelessness.

“All I do is sleep and think, and then try to get to sleep so that I don’t have to think anymore.” (Keith Stuart, A Boy Made of Blocks)

Of course there are nightmares in the funk and you have little control over them. For some, medication helps to keep them clasped in the funk’s clutches and it takes great strength of mind to start to awaken from this terrifying abyss but awake you must and awake you will.

Because, you see, one of the most valuable lessons I have learned during my battles with this particular monster is that nobody stays in bed forever.

When you are in your dark place you might feel like you could but eventually something will drag you up – “I need to get milk”, “I need to phone the bank”, “I need to go to work.” It could be anything, but eventually know, you will leave the Funk.


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