Body Coach – Cycle 1

Well that’s it. My first 30 days of the Body Coach 90 day plan are complete and the results are in. I wasn’t entirely convinced that I was losing any weight as the plan progressed but I was enjoying the food and was knee deep in food prepping so soldiered on.

The food is good. Peanut butter and jam smoothies (even better made into porridge in my opinion), macaroni cheese, bagels, chicken cashew curry and huevos rancheros just some of my highlights. I wasn’t so keen on the cocoa coconut protein pancakes or the mousse me up but you win some you lose some! I was a little hungry at the beginning of the plan but my body quickly adjusted and I found the food to be more than enough, particularly if you were snack savvy and split one snack into two (I have a sweet tooth so some protein yoghurt post dinner was a must). The weighing every ingredient is laborious, and the washing up even worse, but at the beginning of every week I wrote a plan of what to eat when and this really helped me stick to it. Joe Wicks is not lying – food prep really is key to winning on this plan.

So what about the workouts? I had indicated in my opening questionnaire that I wanted to do some of my own workouts (I have a spin addiction!) and this worked for me – I would do 3 classes a week and supplement this with 2 of Joe’s HIITS which are super quick and very motivating. I now have a long term shift in how I exercise as it can be all too easy if you can’t get to the gym to do nothing at all – no excuses with Joe on YouTube. I was able to stick the exercise 100% as I love my classes and have long enjoyed getting fit.

I probably stuck to the food 90% of the time with two nights where I had a couple of drinks and a couple of days where I was full of the cold and went slightly of plan although under direction of the support heroes. The support heroes get a bit of flack but my one query was dealt with superbly.

And, now for the results…

…I’m pleasantly surprised! I had made a list of positives of the plan as I went along so that I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I didn’t lose weight. I have been cooking from scratch far more and have lots of beautiful new recipes, I have been thinking more carefully about portions, eating healthier snacks and just being generally more conscious of what I am eating. Furthermore, I am back in a healthy regime of regular exercise and even got an RPM PB at spin class last week! I have definitely felt less bloated and have enjoyed having a focus for January. Altogether I lost 3lbs in this cycle which may not seem a lot but it is something and something is progress. More startlingly I have lost a total of 7.5 inches from my body and so have renewed focus and hope for what Cycle 2 will bring…



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