Body Coach – Cycle 2

Cycle 2 is over and it was an interesting 30 days…

At the beginning of the cycle I was once again enjoying the structured eating and training timetable I had designed for myself and was even feeling more confident with the ‘Create Your Own’ option which certainly makes for quicker, simpler meals and will be very much sustainable moving beyond the plan. I took my own prepared meals to a couple of staff events to avoid the unhealthy buffet food and most of all I was super excited to have weights back in my life!

I have been a weights convert since last year when my foot injury was making it more and more difficult to do high impact exercise and so having to go without in the cardio-heavy cycle 1 was something of a challenge. I couldn’t wait to get back on the squat rack and enjoyed the 30-minute HIIT style structure alongside the weights. So, all good then…

….hmm, maybe not. I had also been looking forward to the allowance of two carb meals on training days and like many people believed the myth that carbs fill you up – not true! I was hungrier than ever from a week in and was advised to ensure I had a protein shake after my workouts to ease the desire to snack unhealthily and to go for carbs like rice and sweet potato rather than pasta and white bread. I made the edits with renewed vigour for the plan and then one night, out of the blue, fainted.

Now, I have fainted many times in my life so it may not have been the fault of the plan but I was duly shaken and by the time the ‘Beast from the East’ arrived the next week I had already eaten a few off plan things to try and up my sugar levels and ease the boredom of being stuck in the house. I also had a few more days/nights out in the diary this cycle and so altogether I reckon I stuck 80% to the food although I did manage 100% on the exercise once more.

Day 30 and I really felt that I had not put in enough effort to make the plan work for me (a bit of me also just felt the plan was not working for me full stop) but on stepping on the scales this morning I found myself 2lbs lighter than the end of cycle 1 and another 4 inches smaller making a total of 5lbs and 11.5 inches so far. Despite my small failures I had done enough and the pictures actually show some difference. I now firmly believe in “trusting the plan”, taking pictures of progress and have renewed focus for cycle 3. Bring it on, Joe!


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