Body Coach – Cycle 3

So that’s it, I am now a 90 day Body Coach plan graduate! The final cycle, again 30 days, became for me as much about how I could sustain my new healthy eating regime while still being able to enjoy the odd glass of wine. I added a week onto the cycle to make up for the ‘odd days’ that had mounted up over the month and, although I lost no more weight on this cycle, I was delighted to see further inch loss and the best part – an obvious change in my pictures.


I did start to lose motivation with everything being so stringently weighed out and and not being able to just decide what you wanted to eat based on what you fancied on this cycle but the positives far outweighed any negativity. I feel healthier, more confident in how I look and have stuck 100% to the exercise regime.

I am looking forward to continuing to mix up my fitness plan and will certainly be sticking to 5 workouts a week and the principles of the plan (mainly only eating carbs after you have exercised). Some of the recipes are excellent and I have a far clearer idea of portion size than before. I am fitter (I’ve even started running again), make fewer excuses to be lazy and am inspired to try and lose a few more pounds.

Thank you Body Coach (Joe Wicks) for giving me a New Year focus, helping me shed some unwanted chub and helping me to (slowly) start to like how I look.


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