At the beginning of June I was asked to write a short paragraph about my cultural highlight of the last decade. I chose the Tiree Music Festival having attended in 2013 (you can read the highlights of The Wee Review writers here) and this year made my comeback…


I hate camping. I should get that out there straight away. However, having learnt from previous camping experiences I was more prepared than ever: tent to myself, groundsheet, airbed, sleeping bag, blanket, proper pyjamas, eye mask and even a pillow, and so on Thursday 11th July I set sail for Tiree with old friends and new and with some trepidation as to how I would survive four nights sleeping outdoors… Preparation and a positive mindset about the weekend were key and despite one hairy night in a howling gale, my tent, and I, survived. But TMF isn’t really about the camping, it’s about the craic.

Music, gin, street (or should that be field) food, friends, banter, laughter, ciders, bagpipes, teuchter tales….the list goes on but it was all brilliant!

I could write an article about the festival but this blog is about ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and a number of things struck me about this weekend. I had hesitated many times over about whether I should even go but decided that saying yes to things was one of those positive lessons I have been trying to channel and so boarded the ferry. I could have woken up groggy from a night under tarpaulin rather than a roof, questionable portaloos and too much alcohol but I chose to enjoy every moment and woke with a smile on my face. I presented the best me to the world all weekend, not caring what people thought and just being a positive person open to possibilities. In short, I was the person I have always wanted to be but never quite managed to be.

It was just one weekend but if I can do it there this person can come along on many more adventures with me and ultimately lead me to where I want to be…

(Oh, and check out Elephant Sessions if you haven’t before…sublime!)

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 21.15.41



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