Personal Training

I love hitting a target, achieving a goal and ticking the latest ambition I have made for myself off a list. So far in 2018 I had reached September ticking off six of the nine targets I had set and so it was time to keep working towards another: my goal weight.

In January I had started on the Body Coach plan (see previous blogs) and on completion in April I had lost 3kg and 13 inches. I went on to have a fun summer but my weight had plateued and I was still not at my perceived goal weight. I read a post from Gemma Atkinson on instagram about valuing your body enough to do what it takes to make it as healthy as possible and then I saw that another instagram inspiration was starting a personal training business and so I signed myself up for a 12 week programme.

Lifting weights and lowing calorie intake was the name of the game.

Week 1: Enjoyed getting back into weights, and the structure. Hungry. No weight loss.

Week 2: Actually put weight on which was very much not the intention! On top of that despite being incredibly hungry the PT wanted to drop my already paltry carb allowance and added another training session. At this stage I wasn’t sure if I could keep going….

Week 3: Started recording measurements and filled in a new form to see if PT could work out why I wasn’t losing weight. Recognised that my weak time (the most likely time to cave and eat something naughty) is 4.30pm at work. Still no weight loss….

Week 4: Calorie intake dropped to 1,200. Given that I was hungry on 1,300 not convinced by this… Sure enough feeling faint, anxious, depressed, wanted to cry at the gym and what did I lose? One pound! Not worth it for such a small loss but I’ve paid for the 12 weeks so going to try and stick it out.

Week 5: Feeling a lack of understanding from PT about how my day works. Need to accept that I am not somebody that works in a gym all day and so I am doing the best I can and should align expectations accordingly. There has been some inch loss. I hate eggs!

Week 6: Calories back up because it really wasn’t sustainable for me although still no weight loss which was the reason I signed up…. Other clients are losing which is super frustrating. Upping my cardio classes again to see if I can push on in the right direction.

Week 7: Sending pictures of food and the PT keeps asking if it’s enough food but following the weights to the gram so not sure what she’s expecting? Also getting bored with food but no alternatives forthcoming… Finally lost another pound!

Week 8: Ill and then graduation so not an ideal week. Chose not to take weight or progress pics as felt it would do more bad than good for my mental health.

Week 9: No more weight loss but the inches are dropping and I am starting to see a difference and definitely feeling stronger. Added in 20 minutes at the end of each weight session to ramp things up for the final weeks. And again PT wants to reduce calories. I do feel at times that I’m not being listened to….

Week 10: Still going… Another pound down….

Week 11: Really looking forward to finishing the plan now. I will keep the training up although plan on dropping it to two weight sessions as I miss some of my cardio classes and of course I will use the food plan as a baseline but what a pleasure it will be to get my protein porridge back!

Week 12: It’s the final week so the final push. Somehow (possibly illness) I’ve dropped another 4lbs and so have ended the plan 2kg and 6 inches smaller making a grand total this year of 5kg and 19 inches.

I am nearly at my goal weight but do you know what? For me now it’s more about how I look and feel which is a massive mental switch. I thank my PT unreservedly for that although I am looking forward to eating something other than yoghurt for breakfast and chicken, sweet potato and broccoli for dinner!



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