Sunny Side Up – Susan Calman

In August last year I was privileged to have a press ticket for Susan Calman’s self-titled ‘Calmanifesto of Happiness’ as she introduced the Edinburgh International Book Festival audience to her latest book, Sunny Side Up, described as a story of kindness and joy. As someone (clue is in the Blog title) who is in pursuit of happiness and joy, and also a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing, I was delighted not just to listen to Calman talk but then to be lucky enough to get myself a signed copy of the new book and a selfie to boot. What a lovely lady!

Here is someone who doesn’t offer a magic formula for happiness but who is just trying to bring more joy into the world with everyday acts of kindness, something we could all do with more of. Some of her more serious messages around kindness stem from the troll-like behaviour we all bear witness to, and have perhaps been victims of, on sites such as Twitter on a daily basis:

“It is possible to disagree with someone and still like them. It is possible that people may have a different view to yours but that their viewpoint is just as valid. To become entrenched and blind to differing viewpoints is isolationist and dangerous.”

I feel sorry for people who can’t be friends with people with differing points of view. What a sad and lonely world they must live in. Let’s instead be more like Calman and find joy in the little things and live a life of kindness and hopefully….joy.

Link to Book Festival review here.


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