The Doctor’s Waiting Room

A piece I found when clearing out. I wrote it as a teen so please forgive any mistakes. * I am sitting in the doctor's waiting room, waiting to be told what I already know. What has led me here has spanned the course of my teenage years. A series of blackened events each exactly... Continue Reading →

A Crash in a Singular Space

She felt that familiar sensation. Her brain was becoming foggy, cold sweat rising. She rubbed her forehead; a clammy sensation spread from skin to skin. She couldn’t think, someone was talking, she was nodding.   It was going to happen now and she couldn’t stop it. “Would you like a glass of water?” A nod... Continue Reading →

Sunny Side Up – Susan Calman

In August last year I was privileged to have a press ticket for Susan Calman's self-titled 'Calmanifesto of Happiness' as she introduced the Edinburgh International Book Festival audience to her latest book, Sunny Side Up, described as a story of kindness and joy. As someone (clue is in the Blog title) who is in pursuit... Continue Reading →

Beating the January blues…

January is perceived to be a negative month. The days are dark and punctuated by poor weather, freezing temperatures and a lack of finances following festive splurges. Add into that that some take the opportunity to try 'dryanuary' or 'veganuary' in the same month that most of us start back to work and it can... Continue Reading →

Personal Training

I love hitting a target, achieving a goal and ticking the latest ambition I have made for myself off a list. So far in 2018 I had reached September ticking off six of the nine targets I had set and so it was time to keep working towards another: my goal weight. In January I... Continue Reading →

MEd Teaching and Learning in the Performing Arts

If anyone is interested having followed my Masters journey here is the thesis which got me that scroll... FINAL PROJECT: To create a handbook for teacher use with upper primary level highland dance, taking account of differentiated practices for pupils with additional support needs and the social, cultural and political context of dance education. *... Continue Reading →

My Masters and Me

I've done it. After three long years I finally have the result I've been waiting for - a Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning in the Performing Arts (Dance) from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. My life has changed irrevocably since I first applied for this course, attended interview and got my place and... Continue Reading →

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