Body Coach – Cycle 1

Well that's it. My first 30 days of the Body Coach 90 day plan are complete and the results are in. I wasn't entirely convinced that I was losing any weight as the plan progressed but I was enjoying the food and was knee deep in food prepping so soldiered on. The food is good.... Continue Reading →


January. A time for new year's resolutions and a time when many choose to kickstart the healthiest version of them! I am no different. In some ways I am fortunate. My weight doesn't particularly fluctuate and I am not 'big' by most people's standards. I have a healthy BMI but, like many, I am increasingly... Continue Reading →

Don’t Assume…

I have a message this World Mental Health Day. Don't assume. Don't assume what people are going through, Don't assume that because they fake a smile they are "okay" now. Don't assume that other people will be there so you don't have to be. Don't assume that because of someone's job or position that they... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Fringe 2017

My new blog has been on something of a hiatus in the last month due to the biggest arts festival in the World being in town! As well as writing my own personal blog I write reviews for an online arts publication called The Wee Review and during the Fringe things go a bit crazy... Continue Reading →

Coming Out of the Funk

Sometimes life hits you like a bulldozer. You're coasting along and everything seems fine, even good, and then BAM! The World decides that that's not okay and throws you another curveball. I am vaguely fascinated by how different people cope with life's curveballs. Some cry for a day, get up and move on, others refuse... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why…I Keep Fighting

HOPE Suzanne Collins, author of ‘The Hunger Games’ series wrote in her novel that “hope is the only thing stronger than fear” and never a truer word did she write. Fear is the epitome of negative emotion leading only to other negative emotions and even life limiting choices. Hope trumps fear every time. It gets... Continue Reading →

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